Who We Are - Ratner Creative
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We could write that, and it’d be true, but you don’t need to hear that again.

We could tell you we specialize in Graphic Design, Photography, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing and everything in between, but maybe you really only care that we’ll answer your call after 6 p.m.

We could tell you we’ve worked with clients ranging from the influencer who’s just starting a fashion blog, to one of the most prestigious automotive brands in the world, but maybe you only care that we can conceptualize, create, execute, publish, and promote your brand with our in-house capabilities, without breaking the bank.

We could tell you where we went to school, and what we learned there, but maybe you really only care that your company pitch deck needs to be done yesterday and don’t have time to hear about how valuable a Binghamton education is.


Our philosophy is to treat your business like our business, and always deliver when we say we will.

We live on the ground floor of the digital marketing world, and our proximity to that core allows us to act before the crowd, maximizing the value of every dollar you spend.

We know you don’t necessarily live there next to us, and we can explain everything.

We know you don’t stop thinking about your business after the lights go out for the night, and neither will we.

We’ve seen how the biggest agencies in the world move, and frankly, we think it’s too slow, too.


Seth Weiser, Chief Operating Officer | 67 Wine & Liquors

We started working with Ratner Creative in 2017 when they came in to shoot our annual Roséfest Event. Before we had even cleaned the glasses, we had a folder of 200 edited images from the event that had just ended. We’ve used them ever since, and they have yet to disappoint.

Steven Thall, Executive Vice President | Sarge’s Deli

For the last 2 years, Ratner Creative has gone above and beyond in every aspect of our partnership. The fact that they can cover every angle of marketing from designing menus, to shooting content and getting influencers into the restaurant helps us immensely. The fact that they are able to move so quickly, is as impressive as it is rare.

Lester Wasserman, President | West NYC

These guys do it all, and they do it quickly. We hired them to initially to create content for our social profiles, and have added on influencer campaigns, design projects, and even an additional scope for another store. They also work seamlessly with another agency and we feel we’re getting the absolute best value for our efforts in 2018.

Shawn Khemsurov, Co-Owner | Electric Eye

Our company takes care of e-commerce marketing campaigns for West NYC, and we were thrilled when Ratner Creative joined the team. Since we are not local to New York, getting timely content isn’t easy. RC has supplied us with high quality, brand-centric content for our digital campaigns. They have proven to be a valuable asset, and trusted colleague.