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West NYC is an Upper West Side born destination for limited edition footwear, attracting both locals and celebrity clientele. In addition to coveted collaborations with the likes of New Balance and Saucony, they offer their own line of NYC inspired apparel.


We started working with West in December of 2017 with goals to maximize their potency on social media, Instagram specifically. Through a variety of branding strategies, custom content development and influencer partnerships, we were able to make a significant impact on the stores digital footprint.

  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Influencer Marketing and Partnerships
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Creation


Our marketing strategies over the course of 6 months have led to:

  • Increased in-store and online sales
  • +5% Growth on Facebook
  • +15% Growth on Instagram (6,000+ Followers)
  • Over 4M in reach via Instagram Influencer Partnerships





West Iphone X


West had been stuck just under 38,000 Instagram followers, but after a complete content redesign, influencer partnership infusion, and consistent branded content and audience engagement, we were able to increase their following to over 44,000 within months. With that, came nearly 3X engagement, and more shoes coming off the shelf.

+4M Reach

Partnerships developed with both Sneaker and Fashion influencers were a major factor in legitimate social growth. We leveraged the assets at hand, in some cases purely shoes, to maximize reach and minimize costs. Each month, West ends up directly at the fingertips of over 2-4M Instagram users within a hyper-focused demographic.

Optimized Posting

Consistent, effective posting can have a lot to do with success. We post every day for West at the ideal time based on their audience, with hashtags that are optimized for reach, and accompanied by Instagram stories which add to overall exposure and potential discovery. 


Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that any business can benefit from because of the way Instagram and Facebook cut out the middleman. It doesn’t take a TV crew, heavy duty production budget, or massive billboard on the highway to attempt to reach your audience anymore.


For West, that was identifying influencers in the Footwear and Fashion worlds that would put the new, high-quality content directly at their fingertips. The types of deals we established with such entities ranged from pure compensation to retail trades, and content exchanges. The goal is always to gain massive exposure, at minimal cost, while making sure both parties get what they need. In doing that, we were able to reach a targeted market of over 2,000,000 people monthly, for the cost of a few pairs of shoes.