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Sarge's Deli is one of New York's most quintessential Jewish Style Restaurants, and has been serving the city's best Pastrami and Corned Beef since 1964.


We started working with Sarge's in January of 2017 to expand their digital presence and overall brand reach in order to generate increased sales, engagement, and customer loyalty. We executed on a number of strategies to meet and exceed our goals, including:

  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing & Database Development
  • Print Design
  • Digital Design
  • Content Creation


Our marketing strategies over the course of 2017 lead to:

  • Increased MoM/YoY Revenue
  • 4,934 New E-mail Contacts Acquired
  • 1,685 Walk-Throughs generated from E-Mail Marketing
  • $42,125 in gross revenue generated solely from in E-mail Marketing
  • +25% Growth on Facebook
  • +800% Growth on Instagram
  • +500% Increase in Engagement
  • Over 1,000,000 Instagram users reached via Influencer Partnerships


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E-Mail Marketing

E-mail isn’t a new strategy, but how you build your list and interact with your customers is. Using database construction software that links into your WiFI, we can build your e-mail list, create additional sales funnels and revenue streams, and track the progress from day 1. Using powerful new acquisition software allows your business to ditch the fishbowl. Collect customer data 5X faster than traditional methods. From February 2017-December 2017, Sarge’s collected nearly 5,000 customer contacts.


5,000 contacts sounds great, but where is the ROI? We look at walk throughs, which are tallied when a customer visits in the following days after opening an e-mail. In 11 months, targeted e-mail campaigns alone physically brought in nearly 1,700 people. E-mails can also direct customers to order online, which provides even more revenue not seen here.


Combining walk-throughs with each person’s average ticket price allows us to provide revenue numbers generated purely from e-mail marketing. In 11 months, that number has cleared $42,000 and is projected to grow over time


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Do It For The Gram.

25% Growth on Facebook

If you post something on your Facebook page and it gets no engagement, was it worth posting? Our answer is no, which is why we used influencer marketing strategies and targeted advertising to boost Sarge’s Facebook following and amplify their reach.

800% Growth on Instagram

Through influencer marketing, hashtag research, post efficiency tactics and high quality content, we amassed a significant following for Sarge’s. Turning Sarge’s into a foodie destination has significantly increased revenue in 2017.

5X More Engagement

High follower numbers can make any marketer look good, but how much does your following actually care about what you’re posting? Our techniques meticulously develop a niche following around fans who actually care, engage, and then buy.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that any business can benefit from because of the way Instagram and Facebook cut out the middleman. It doesn’t take a TV crew, heavy duty production budget, or massive billboard on the highway to attempt to reach your audience anymore.


For Sarge’s, it took outreach to hundreds of foodies, photographers, and bloggers, that can generate tens of thousands of dollars worth of advertising, sometimes for the cost of serving them. Every post from someone with a massive digital presence generates immediate brand exposure to a targeted demographic, traffic to your company’s pages, and tremendous upside for future collaboration.


We used influencer marketing primarily on Instagram to make an impact on Sarge’s digital presence, and transform the persona of the restaurant into a Foodie hot spot. After all, if you have the best pastrami sandwich in the city and people aren’t throwing it on the ‘gram, do you really have it at all?


Social Media Influence has as much power in a today’s world as that of celebrity, and potentially more given the authentic and native nature of their content. The exposure alone breeds further reach, and the possibility that massive media outlets pick up your content, just ask The Food Network